Fortum SmartLiving

Everything's fine at home

SmartLiving makes your home more comfortable, safer and helps you to save money and live in a more sustainable way. SmartLiving is designed to take care of you, your family and your community.

Useful, fun smart features

Whether you are sitting on your sofa or in a deckchair far away, SmartLiving takes care of your home just the way you want. For example, it’s easy to adjust room temperature or turn on and off electronic equipment. Ventilation works well and the optimum indoor quality improves your family’s wellbeing. And imagine the luxury of being able to make coffee while you’re still in bed. SmartLiving serves to improve quality of life for you and your family.

You will also be notified if, for example, the stove is left on, if there’s a water leak or the temperature in your apartment suddenly falls.

Intelligence inside energy

With SmartLiving, you can use energy smarter and eliminate energy thieves. SmartLiving also helps you to optimize the use of electricity. For example, it can charge your electric car or start the washing machine when the price of electricity is low. With SmartLiving, you receive real-time information on your energy consumption and you can control your home via a tablet or app on your mobile phone.

An all-in-one solution for better living

SmartLiving gives you all smart home benefits in one turnkey solution together with comprehensive customer service. SmartLiving will never become outdated – as an open, artificial intelligence based system, it’s being developed with automatic updates and improvements continually available.

Builder or a residential developer? Choose SmartLiving:

SmartLiving is a digital all-in-one solution for new apartment buildings from one supplier.

· Carefree and safe: Fortum both takes responsibility for the complete solution and handles the end customer interface.

SmartLiving makes homes more comfortable, safer and helps to save money and live in a more sustainable way.

Flexible and adaptable: connects to other building, property and home systems through open interfaces.

Continuous development and automatic software updates make the solution future proof.

Enhance sustainability and strengthen company image as a forerunner.

In addition to more comfortable living, SmartLiving also increases the value of your home and the whole building and decreases the risk of damage to the property. It also satisfies the growing demand for more intelligent housing and people’s desire to take better care of their environment.


SmartLiving makes it possible to monitor energy consumption (water, heat, electricity) of the whole building but also in each apartment. If the property has solar cells on the roof, it’s easy to track how much energy they’re producing. Smart batteries and thermostats can also be connected to the system.


SmartLiving can also be used to increase comfort and safety within the community. This can be almost anything from dog walks to car pools to electric booking system for common bicycles or facilities like the laundry room.


With SmartLiving it's easy to schedule lighting to scare burglars. With a smart code lock you can also let your neighbors in without a key. You can check the situation at your home live through cameras, too. SmartLiving features also fire, flooding and burglar alarms.


Join the change for a cleaner world. SmartLiving welcomes you to a Home Smart Home!

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